Friday, July 15, 2011

Happy 60th Anniversary

My parents have made it to 60 years!!!! Happy Anniversary to them! They are the greatest examples of love and what marriage should be. My dad was the perfect role model of what a husband should be and that's the kind of man I found in Dale because he has the same qualities as my dad. My mom was great example of being a wife. She loves and always supported my dad. They always were kind and loving to one another and treated each other with respect. They never raised their voices to each other, at least not in anger, they have to speak louder now that they are a little bit older. I love you guys very much and couldn't ask for better parents!

Taken one week after they were married at my grandparent Brink's house

Wedding Day
July 15,1951

My Grandpa and Grandma Brink and my parents on their wedding day.
I must say my Grandpa Brink is quite the handsome man!

The Wedding Party

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