Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4th of July

This is how we spent the 4th of July, after all the yard work was done. Makenzie went swimming
So did Jacob

Played ball with the dogs

Giving the dog loves after Jacob put her in the pool

Makenzie cuddling with Peach

Dale BBQ....Yummy!
After eating we went to watch the fireworks at the mall. The parking lot was full and all the fields around were filled with cars. We were off the road in the field.

Makenzie waiting for the show to start

Jacob waiting also

Smile Dale!

Waiting together
Here are some of the fireworks we saw

Got to love the street lamp

It was a fun show except for the truck that was parked to the left of us. The kid, probably 12 or 13 would not shut up. He talked and made the same comments over and over. I thought if I shot him no one would notice, they would just think it was a firework exploding. I was surprised his parents didn't tell him to be quiet, but they probably live with it and can tune him out.
Later that night my sister,Becky and her husband, Thad and daughter Megan came in from Colorado.
It was a great 4th of July!!

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